What Others Think...

“The Restorative Justice Ministries Network is so very glad to be able to endorse the Healing Hands Ranch.  This merciful ministry reaches out to assist deaf prisoners as they transition back into the community.  This transition is very difficult for the Deaf.  They need our help.  We endorse them and encourage everyone to contribute to this specialized Christian Ministry.”

- Emmett Solomon
Executive Director
Restorative Justice Ministries


“Prison Fellowship is excited to endorse the Deaf Prison Ministry Network in its efforts to reach Deaf prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. DPMN’s focus on this very special segment of the prison population further strengthens the growing movement of God in prisons around the nation.”

- Prison Fellowship 

“Healing Hands Ranch is the first of its kind and will provide a helping hand to those who have no other helpful options. It is destined to provide redemptive, compassionate care for many who are in desperate need of a helping hand.”

- Chaplin Lin Salmon

“Over the years, we have learned that, of all identifiable groups that are incarcerated, the Deaf have one of the highest rates of recidivism. That has been due in many cases to the lack of effective support services for the Deaf in existing transitional resources, to restore them to the community. In Texas, we have been building a network of support programs around the state, however we still lack an effective Transitional Aftercare facility. Healing Hands Ranch is the first attempt to provide such needed conditions and support, and by collaborating with connective services & programs, and can have a major impact in the Lives of the Deaf returning to their communities.”

- Bert Thompson

“What a glorious ministry of leading Deaf prisoners to Christ and reintegrating them into society. It is a great joy to endorse this wonderful ministry by Pastor Arthur Craig and people of Woodhaven Deaf Church. I strongly encourage your financial support.”

- Dr. John Bisagno
Retired Pastor

Houston’s First Baptist Church

“In meeting with the leadership of the Healing Hands Ranch and the Deaf Prison Ministries Network and seeing the vision that God has called them to, it is my prayer that the churches will join them in impacting thousands of families that only this ministry can touch.”

- Rev. David Valentine
Senior Pastor

Covenant Fellowship
, Huntsville, TX